Relative Essay Case

 Comparative Composition Example

My own Essay Tips

Sample Remarks

1) decide on Themes you want to discuss

Topic Ideas



Proper rights RomanceTragic Implications


2) brainstorm several specific cases you could use, such as the references you will need.

Theme Tips Example by NovelReferences

A) Romance1) Romeo & Juliet

-Romeo & Juliet have a problem from the start

-parents are within a feud

Service provider of Venice

-Bassanio & Portia also have a problem

-she lives a long way away and this individual does not have money to woo her 1 . 1 . ___?

2) R& M

-R & J's marriage becomes worse if he kills Tybalt and

banished from Verona


-B & P's relationship gets better when he wins the lottery and 3. one particular?

can marry Portia

3) R& T

-tragedy happens in this relationship when J's potion makes it

seem that she is lifeless, so Romeo kills himself


-B & S get married, and she will help him free of charge his friend3. ____?

Sample A

One of the themes Shakespeare is exploring in his performs is the way Romance functions. In Romeo and Juliet, the fresh couple fulfill at a celebration at her house, and fall almost instantly in appreciate, but they have trouble, right from the start. Their very own parents are feuding, and they can not be together due to hate involving the families. In the same way, in Product owner of Venice, Bassanio falls in love while using rich and beautiful Portia, and they also start with a problem. The lady lives far in Belmont, and he could be too poor to see and woo her. In Romeo and Juliet, things receive even worse the moment Romeo eliminates Juliet's aunty Tybalt. At this point they are nonetheless in love, but he could be banished from Verona. Nevertheless Bassanio's romantic life increases when Antonio helps him to borrow money, and he is able to win the casket lottery and get married to Portia. The " star crossed lovers” romance ends in tragedy when ever Juliet is found " bleeding, warm and newly dead” (Shakespeare your five. 3. 175) after your woman kills...



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