Entreprenuership and Culture

 Entreprenuership and Culture Essay

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Faculty: Faculty of Conservation, the Environment & Social Development.

Department: Department of Administration.

Programme: Taking care of Rural and Community Expansion

Course: Entrepreneurship

Course Code: EPS 302

Assignment no 2: Discuss the impact of culture on entrepreneurial activities in Malawi.

Submitted to: Mr. Um. Soko (Lecturer)

From: Honest Charles Kasonga

BSc (Managing Rural & Community Expansion year 3)

Intake: January-Blantyre Campus

Deadline: 25th Mar 2011

Particular date Submitted: 25th March 2011


Societies vary in their ability to make and support entrepreneurial activity (Carter & Wilton, 2006; Price 2002). While several explanations have been offered to be the cause of these social differences, an ever-growing physique of materials posits that cultural qualities are one of the primary determinants of a nation's standard of economic (Porter, 1990) and entrepreneurial expansion (Hisrish 2009). National traditions impacts amounts of entrepreneurship the two through the ethnical values that are part of that society (Hofstede, 1980) and through the establishments that are representative of that traditions (Ahlstrom & Bruton, 2002; Dickson, 2004). Malawi being a multi social country has experienced diverse effects of culture on the development of entrepreneurial activities. In order to completely understand the marriage between culture and entrepreneurial activities, this kind of paper investigates the impact of culture about entrepreneurial actions.

According to Hoselitz (1952) entrepreneurship involved uncertainty bearing, coordination of productive assets, introduction of innovations plus the provision of capital. Inside the 20th hundred years, economist Paul Schumpeter (1883-1950) focused on how a entrepreneur's drive for development and improvement creates turmoil and change. Schumpeter viewed entrepreneurship as a push of " creative damage. " The entrepreneur carries out " new combinations, " thereby assisting render outdated industries outdated. Established techniques for doing business will be destroyed by creation of new and better ways to do them. We could therefore safely conclude that entrepreneurship activities include the fine art of creative imagination also known as innovations, ability to arrange resources, and above all doubt bearing (Hisrich 2009). The need to opportunity into organization with idea because you know the results is what differentiates successful business owners to unsuccessful ones. The truth remains that this ability can be not natural but rather it truly is shaped simply by culture therefore different ethnic backgrounds have different impact on householder's ability to participate into entrepreneurship.

Hofstede describes culture while " the collective programming of the brain which differentiates the associates of one group or class of people coming from another" (1991). The mental programming known by Hofstede consists of shared values, values and rules. These mental constructs affect how people socialized in a particular culture perceive events; they also assistance to determine what behaviors are considered suitable or incorrect in various sociable situations. Considering that the mental programming is shared, i. at the. developed through years of socialization within a lifestyle, it results in relatively expected responses to commonly experienced social scenarios or contexts. These characteristic patterns of behaviour create differences among cultures that may be observed as well as the influence of cultural differences on cultural processes just like entrepreneurship could possibly be predicted if the underlying interpersonal values and norms will be known. Hofstede's definition and observation anchors very well with the Malawian context in which we now have different cultural values that program and shape people differently. In Malawi social differences would be the result of local, ethnic, interpersonal class, faith based, gender, and language variants. Values will be held to be a...



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