How Celebs are Remedied

 How Celebrities are Cared for Differently Essay

TreatmentВ ofВ CelebritiesВ inВ SocietyВ andВ theВ LawВ CelebritiesВ areВ consideredВ royaltyВ inВ theВ eyesВ ofВ theВ public, В andВ likeВ royalty, В theyВ receiveВ biasedВ treatmentВ inВ manyВ ways. В AsВ aВ result, В celebritiesВ areВ treatedВ differentlyВ thanВ civiliansВ byВ prosecutorsВ andВ jurorsВ inВ theВ eyesВ ofВ theВ law. В ThereВ haveВ beenВ severalВ casesВ whereВ celebritiesВ areВ ableВ toВ commitВ heinousВ crimesВ andВ getВ awayВ withВ them, В evenВ thoughВ thereВ wereВ witnessesВ toВ protest. В OtherВ civiliansВ areВ falselyВ accusedВ ofВ beingВ guilty, В thenВ yearsВ afterВ theВ courtВ condemnsВ themВ forВ aВ mistakeВ theyВ areВ foundВ innocent. В OnВ JanuaryВ 6th, В ThomasВ Gibson, В CriminalВ MindsВ Legend, В wasВ chargedВ withВ aВ DUI, В drivingВ underВ theВ influence, В afterВ heВ droveВ hisВ SUVВ throughВ aВ halfВ marathon. В HisВ bondВ wasВ postedВ atВ 15, 000В dollars. В HeВ paidВ hisВ bondВ andВ wasВ releasedВ theВ nextВ day. В AllВ ofВ theВ chargesВ wereВ droppedВ becauseВ heВ isВ aВ richВ celebrityВ thatВ canВ swindleВ hisВ wayВ toВ getВ specialВ treatmentВ inВ aВ courtВ ofВ law. В NotВ onlyВ doВ nationalВ celebritiesВ getВ specialВ treatmentВ inВ theВ courtВ system, В butВ localВ richВ celebritiesВ doВ asВ well.…...



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Youth and Globalization Dissertation

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