ITE4103 Project 201415 Sem2

 ITE4103 Assignment 201415 Sem2 Essay



1 . List 5 reasons why They have great affects on ethics in society. For each with the reason, try example of the problem/violation. (12%) Copyright

- Download MP3 FORMAT from unauthorized Internet sites.

Internet bullying

-- Use IT with intention to hurt someone else's feeling, generally deliberately and repeatedly. Pc crime

- Illegal serves through the use of a pc or against a computer system. Computer maltreatment

- Works involving some type of computer which may certainly not be unlawful but are considered unethical

2 . a)What is ethical hacking? (2%)

Search through computer documents when they are certainly not authorized (hacking for fun)

b)In extra to technological competency, list TWO basic attributes of a great ethical hacker. (4%)

c)List TWO (administrative) steps which the ethical hacker need to do ahead of committing the hacking. (4%)

3. While an THAT professional, it is vital take steps to prevent computer criminal offense at personal and corporate level respectively.

In personal level, give 3 examples (3%)

At company level, provide THREE cases (3%)

(Hints: focus on actions to strengthen your behavior which can be the also referred to as the the most fragile link with the IT program. )

5. The followings are methods that assist to establish an environmental friendly office. Select two examples in each method. (12%)

General Methods



Create much less waste by simply conserving normal resource


Recycle every used plastic, waste papers, toner and ink-cartridge, and so forth


Switch off all unused lighting or electrical equipment, e. g. desktop PC in office, etc B

Choose waste recycle/reuse practice


Buy and use taking toners and cartridges to get copiers or printers.


Set air-conditioning temperature in 25. 5C.


Choose pollution preventive measures


Everyone receives consciousness training on a regular basis.


Buy from environmental...



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