Manhunt: American Civil War and James D. Swanson

 Manhunt: American Civil Warfare and Wayne L. Swanson Essay

ManhuntBy: James M. Swanson

a) In Manhunt, by David L. Swanson, John Wilkes Booth execution Abraham Lincoln subsequently because he features very strong beliefs that African Americans must have rights. In the success of Lincoln's make an effort to preserve the Union and free the slaves, Sales space took issues into his own hands by eradicating Lincoln. Even though this was a very extreme method to deal with issues, I can connect Booth's enthusiasm to me personally. His cause was not great, but this individual set out to carry out what is right in his sight and made it happen. I can connect his motivation in doing things to myself. My passion is usually to live living as eco-friendly as I are able to. Some things I really do are have caps off water bottles, and take them to centers where that they collect them. I always get my mom to only buy products which were made from recycled materials by doing this there is much less garbage in landfills. This is something I am extremely passionate about since Booth was at rights of African Us citizens.

b) I will relate Manhunt to ‘Romeo and Juliet' by Shakespeare. There is a similarity between John Wilkes Presentation area and Romeo in the way that they will be very allergy characters/people. That they both avoid using their mind, and this ends them both in bad positions. Booth believes by shooting Lincoln this will benefit the main cause of the South, but it eventually ends up making a large mess for the whole country. Romeo thinks simply by killing Tybalt, Juliet's aunty, this will avenge the fatality of his friend Mercutio, but he ends up becoming banished damaging his romance with Juliet. Both all their plans result in turmoil because of their impulsive tendencies. If they will have believed things through more they could have noticed that their particular actions were non-sensical, and would not cause any type of gain to either of their triggers.

c) Martin Luther King Jr. was great leader like President Abraham Lincoln who also believed in equal rights to get African People in the usa. Both courageous people tried out their toughest to accomplish this, and really...