Greasy Lake

 Essay about Greasy Pond

" Greasy Lake" by Jeff Coraghessan Boyle, is the story of a group of 19 year old adolescents, looking for a situation that may proclaim these people as " bad boys" and how their minds change and develop. Tom Boyle uses the theme of being negative by displaying different character types to symbolize an individual always trying to be more than they really are. In this story, there are plenty of symbolism which the author uses. The term " Greasy" means messy, soiled, and not clean. The term " Lake" means clean, natural, and blue. It is very ironic how the two of these terms get together.

Sarcastic is seen as often prominent differences or perhaps incongruities between what is predicted and what actually is. There are numerous ironic situations that happen to the narrator in the short story: The ironic instances that the narrator in " Greasy Lake" finds him self in are exactly the same circumstances that young people result in when struggling with war. One of the ironic incidents that came about was when the narrator views himself being a tough man or " bad character". He thinks he is immortals. There is nobody as awesome as he can be, or since dangerous since him and his friends will be. At the end with the story, the narrator knows all the mistakes he made and became a better guy. He desired to go back to his mother's house and be secure.

Symbolism is definitely the practice of representing things by means of signs or of attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, occasions, or human relationships. In the account, there are a lot of emblems. The most common sign is " Nature".



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