Sacrificing Morals for Success

 Sacrificing Morals for Success Article

Sacrificing Morals for Success

Colleen Wenke communicates her matter for the moral future of our region through

her essay " Too Much Pressure”, which explains the fast increase in pupils that

defraud. She talks about that through the years the number of cheating students has risen, although

their meaning ethics and beliefs in integrity include almost reduced. Wenke publishes articles " My spouse and i

blamed our school program for not instilling the proper beliefs in its students”, and continues

to further go over how cheating had become suitable as long as you are not caught.

Schools seem to be putting a much higher common on reaching high levels rather than

you see, the value of retaining the fabric taught. No matter being increased by father and mother

who discover cheating a moral problem; somehow these types of students have the capacity to set aside

what is morally appropriate for a better grade. " In high school I always believed at a disadvantage,

because everyone else was cheating and performing better than I used to be, even if just by a couple of

points”, Wenke explains how giving in to cheating is a way to get the edge in others

for this higher quality. It appears that cheating has become thus common that students

scarcely hesitate. Aiming to play sporting activities, attend extra curricular actions and

get the highest marks to get into the best schools, these overachievers collection there values

aside to get these goals. She lets us know how students now happen to be in desire of the best

educational institutions to obtain the top paid professions. It has become a habit to share paperwork,

copy home work, or use some type of cheating method to move a evaluation. Sacrificing any kind of

integrity as the best and succeed. The writer shows all of us how cheating in school can be not

wherever it ends. These types of over achievers have made these immoral techniques new practices in their

lives. Habits that will obviously comply with into professions that will back up for sale on top of all those...

Cited: Wenke, Colleen " Too Much Pressure. ” The Bedford Audience

Ed. X. J. Kennedy Boston Bedford, 2006 532-536



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