Resume Apply Pharmacist

 Resume Apply Pharmacist Dissertation

Apinan Paktham

67/1 M. a couple of Samreun Bangpa-in Ayutthaya

Current Address: 52/235 inter- resident apartment Lakhok Muang Pathumthani Tel. 089-1587453 Email: apinan. [email protected] com

Date of birth: Feb 28, 1988


To acquire a challenging location with International Company wherever I can employ my expertise and understanding from my own Pharmacy Academics background


Highly enthusiastic and fast-learning person with high feeling of responsibility and solid leadership expertise. Possess a hard-working person who is willing to find out new things and has good interpersonal and communication abilities


2006-2010Bachelor of Pharmacy GPA a few. 58 (First Class Honors) Rangsit University

2000-2005High university

Ayutthaya witthayalai school


2011 Community Pharmacy at RAKYA CHEMIST

(February- April)


2011Staff in 6th Drug-store Dream Camp, Rangsit College or university

2010The Committee of Drug-store Students' Union of Thailand's (PSUT) in Naresuan School

2009Advisory table of Ki-la Ya-mong, Rangsit University2009Volunteer pertaining to rural expansion camp, Bar Hua Pang School for Saraburi

2009Elect to vice president faculty of pharmacy, Rangsit University

2008Staff in Ki-la Ya-mong, Rangsit University

2008Staff in next Pharmacy Desire Camp, Rangsit University

2007Staff in third Pharmacy Dream Camp, Rangsit University

200724 th Universiade Bangkok

2006Staff in second Pharmacy Dream Camp, Rangsit University

2006The Committee of Pharmacy Students' Union of Thailand's (PSUT) at Mahidol University


2010Hospital Pharmacy Professional Practice by Ramathibodil Hospital

2010Industrial Manufacturing plant Pharmacy Practice at Chemephand Medical 2010. Drug Retail outlet Professional Practice at Amorn Pharmacy




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