Review: Friction and M/s

 Review: Chaffing and Ms Essay

Review MCQ's Chapter 6 [Work-Energy] Physics I Spring 2013 1-A 10. 0-g bullet vacationing horizontally for 755 m/s strikes a stationary concentrate on and prevents after going through 14. your five cm into the target. Precisely what is the average power of the concentrate on on the topic? A)-1. 97 Г— 104 N B)-2. 07 Г— 105 And C)-6. dua puluh enam Г— 103 N D)-3. 13 Г— 104 In E)-3. 93 Г— 104 N 2-A car is traveling at several. 0 m/s when the rider applies the brakes. The car moves 1 . 5 meters before it comes to a complete end. If the car had been shifting at 13 m/s, how long would it have got continued to go after the brake systems were utilized? Assume the braking force in both cases can be constant plus the same. A)-1. 5 m B)-3. 0 m C)-4. 5 meters D)-6. 0 m E)-7. 5 meters 3-An auto approaches a barrier for a acceleration of 20 m/s along a level road. The driver a lock the brake systems at a distance of 50 m from your barrier. What minimum pourcentage of kinetic friction is necessary to stop the car before this hits the barrier? A)-0. 4 B)-0. 5 C)-0. 6 D)-0. 7 E)-0. 8 4-How much electrical power is needed to lift a 75-kg student top to bottom upward by a constant acceleration of 0. 33 m/s? A)-12. your five W B)-25 W C)-115 W D)-230 W E)-243 W 5-A motorist driving a 1000-kg car wants to increase her speed from 20 m/s to 40 m/s in 5 t. Determine the horsepower required to accomplish this maximize. Neglect scrubbing. A)-20 horsepower B)-30 hewlett packard C)-70 hp D)-80 horsepower E)-90 hp

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6-A 325-N force boosts a 60. 0-kg kennel from relax along a horizontal frictionless surface for a distance of 20. 0 m since shown inside the figure. Precisely what is the final speed of the cage?

A)-11. four m/s B)-16. 1 m/s C)-32. two m/s D)-131 m/s E)-259 m/s 7-A 325-N push accelerates a 50. 0-kg crate coming from rest along a side to side frictionless surface area for a range of 20. 0 m as proven in the figure. What coefficient of chaffing would be needed to keep the cage moving at constant speed under the action of the 325-N force?

A)-0. 250 B)-0. 321 C)-0. 508 D)-0. 663 E)-0. 747 8-Use the work-energy theorem to look for...