3 Glasses of Tea - Short Essay

 3 Cups of of Tea - Brief Essay

Last year I had developed read the book entitled " Three cups of of tea: One male's mission to market peace…One school at a time” simply by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. This book offers influenced my personal perceptions on the planet that generally there still is present compassion and humanity.

The publication traces the life of mountaineer Greg Mortenson and his initiatives towards establishing schools to get the people with the remote, hard to get at areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Greg Mortenson was a mountaineer who got lost inside the mountains of Pakistan in the way back from climbing K2, one of the world's highest and most dangerous highs, in the Himalayas. He wandered into Korphe, a poor Balti village in Pakistan, where chief and his people required him in and nursed him back in health. Shifted by their closeness, Greg promised to return and build a school pertaining to the children. This can be a remarkable story of how, against all the odds, Greg created not only one but a lot more than sixty schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and committed his existence to creating literacy and peace.

Pakistan, touted by many as a harbinger of conflict, was in a situation of battle when the publisher chanced upon the province of Balti. The natives therefore were cautious and apprehensive of the not known and anxious of outsiders. The presence of a stranger could have spurned all of them, but they nursed and sheltered Greg. This kind of proves that compassion and selflessness are still alive.

At this juncture the book reintroduced to my opinion this amazing category of people who are still willing to sacrifice their luxury, comfort, health insurance and family intended for the betterment of the contemporary society. The knowledge and ways of distinct cultures really can help in successfully carrying out philanthropic work in additional nations. Persons talk about creation in the bad countries sitting in the luxury of their homes, although there exists a gentleman who obtained that actually by placing his heart and soul to the cause. Such people actually achieve what other folks only desire achieving....



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